Donald J. Trump, President-Elect, has already begun disrespecting the Presidency.

He does not care that there is, one President at a time; Also, his twitter constant Twittering has placed the world in a place it has never been before. Donald Trump is a key stroke away from starting WWIII, and we are talking about nuclear war!

The Donald Trump presidency is dangerous.

It is up to us, “We The People,” to stand up and let our voices be heard. We must come together with “One Powerful Voice.” Remember, together we are strong and it takes only one to bring about significant, powerful changes. We can touch lives in positive ways.

Please know that many of Trump’s promises are unconstitutional. He has no legislative experience at all, let alone of the fact that he is challenged educationally. The hacking of our election took many by surprise. Donald Trump is NOT our President-Elect. Hillary Clinton won the election! They should not be surprised that we are fighting back!

Our election was hacked to benefit Trump. Remember Trump had called on Putin to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails, which was the beginning of their disgusting disruption to steal the election to benefit, Donald J. Trump.

No need to go back to how it happened at this moment in time. That which we must be focused on is to clean house of the Republicans, from President-elect Trump, to Congress and the Senate.

We must mobilize and stop the Republicans and Donald Trump from touching ObamaCare. Millions of people depend on this. Lives are at stake!

People’s fears are legitimate – even those who voted for Trump are afraid, for Trump will have his little fingers on our Nuclear codes! Listen, he is already antagonizing North Korea , even as he embrace Russia as his best friend. He has no respect for the Intelligence of the United States of America , because he Trump believe only in Russia ’s Intelligence!

Donald Trump will dismantle America as we know it; From Women’s Rights, Gay Rights, to change the Voting laws, so that people of color will not be able to vote.

We must fight back as people in history had done.

How do we do that? This requires each of you/us, from coast to coast. We must mobilize within every Red and Blue States Through Social Media and In Person.

You will be lead through this process in coming days. For now, please sign up on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LibertyAndJusticeForAllForever/




One Nation

Our nation, the United States of America is in crisis. The reason "Liberty and Justice For All," was formed is to right the wrongs committed unto our people. To bring accountability to any who has decided to take away benefits in any form from our people. We are also here to bring awareness and empowerment to all.

Liberty and Justice for All; represents A Call To Action for Justice and Peace as well for the protection of all people, including black and brown people. Join us now, for there is much to do to correct the blatant atrocities being committed right before our eyes.

We The People must protect our Constitution and hold all those accountable for attempts to side track, dismantle or abuse it in any way, shape or form. We welcome all Democrats as well anyone of any party whom have made a decision to derail all corruption within our nation. We welcome professionals such as legal experts who are willing to fight for the cause of Liberty and Justice For All! We welcome ALL who shares these, our beliefs.



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